Batteries are a huge investment on a mobility scooter especially a larger scooter. This means that you should take great care of them to avoid expensive damage.

  1. Charge the scooter regularly, if you go on a long drive on the scooter, pop it on charge when you get back to ensure the batteries are kept topped up, there is no worry of overcharging the batteries as most chargers today turn off when the batteries are fully charged.
  2. If you don’t use the mobility scooter for an extended period of time, still charge the scooter at least once a week. If you don’t charge the scooters batteries regularly they will almost certainly be damaged permanently
  3. Use the correct charger – as a rule only use the charger supplied with the mobility scooter, if the charger is too small this can harm the batteries capacity indefinitely. If the mobility scooters charger is too big this can also damage the batteries.
  4. Make allowances for winter – due to the nature of mobility scooter batteries they will not perform the same in colder weather.
  5. Take care with connections – if you use a car boot scooter, take special care when taking the battery pack on and off as this is often the source of problems with car transportable scooters breaking down.
  6. Have your mobility scooter serviced regularly – all good services should include a full battery drop test. What is a battery drop test? This is a process in which the mobility scooters batteries are fully charged and then put under load to simulate strenuous use, in order to discharge them fully. This then gives you a read out of the batteries health. This can be essential in uncovering faults with charging and other issues. If you need a mobility scooter serviced, East Coast Mobility’s Platinum service is £39

For excellent prices and fitting of mobility scooter batteries call 01502 514500 and speak to a product advisor, we generally hold all standard size batteries in stock at all times.