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Off road mobility scooters back in stock!

We have just taken delivery of our next batch of 20 off road mobility scooters, and expect them to fly out of the door!

If you haven’t met our off road mobility scooter before, we launched it through our sister company Wild and Wacky Mobility and it has a high power 24 volt system, with 2 motors, creating an exceptional off road driving experience.  The 4×4 mobility scooter is based on the Shoprider Cordoba mobility scooter but is built in the factory with a heavily uprated chassis to ensure a robust ride off road.

If you are a mobility scooter user who enjoys getting off the beaten track, this scooter could be the best scooter you could ever own! We’ve driven it through mud down deeply rutted tracks, over thick grass you name it this scooter tackles all terrain with ease!

The 4 x 4 off road scooter comes as standard in an attractive deep blue, but for an extra charge we can get the shrouds painted in any colour you like!

Visit our sister company’s site Wild and Wacky Mobility for more information and to purchase a 4 x 4 mobility scooter online. If you would like to chat about the specification and discuss a trade in of an existing scooter call us on 01502 514500.

Oldest wheelchair we’ve seen!

This week we had what we reckon is the oldest wheelchair most of us have seen come in!

It is positively ancient! The front castors on the wheelchair have got traditional wire spokes, whereas any wheelchair built in the last 20 years have got plastic or metal thick spokes.

It is a steel wheelchair – we don’t think that lightweight aluminum wheelchairs had even been thought of during the design of it.

We simply love the brakes on the wheelchair they are a simple metal bar which is pressed down onto the tyre.

It is amazing to see how much wheelchairs have moved on in the last few years, we stock a large range of wheelchairs, ranging from basic steel chairs, to more high-end lightweight Aluminum wheelchairs.

Simply call 01502 514500 for more information on wheelchairs.

Use a British Legion mobility scooter? – discounted repairs!

Many people using a British Legion Mobility Scooter are struggling to get repairs carried out, due to the previous repair company going into liquidation. As a result we are offering discount rates for British Legion mobility scooter repairs.

This includes all mobility scooter repairs from simple servicing, to more complex repairs such as electronic faults. Here at East Coast Mobility we are experts in Mobility scooter repairs, we have been repairing mobility scooters for over 11 years now!

We hold in stock a full range of standard batteries for all mobility scooters and power chairs, and can fit these while you wait. If you aren’t able to bring your mobility scooter to us, we offer a free collection and loan service providing you are within about 20 miles of Lowestoft.

To book a service or talk to us about a repair on a british legion mobility scooter call 01502 514500 for discounts!

Exclusive blue Kymco Aglility Mobility Scooter!

A Mobility Scooter means a lot to people, and the colour can really make a difference! One customer recently was very specific about what colour he wanted his new mobility scooter to be, and it had to be blue! The only challenge was finding a blue Kymco Agility…

Fortunately our friend Kier at Kymco sourced the mobility scooter for us as it is the only one in the country!

The agility is an amazing mobility scooter, its small size makes it the perfect scooter to fit into lifts and other tight spaces, but it still boasts an 8mph top speed, with a full digital display. If great looks, speed and comfort matter to you then this could be the perfect mobility scooter for you!

Don’t worry the other colours are easier to source than blue!

Call 01502 514500 for advice on choosing a mobility scooter.

Mobility scooter of the month – Kymco Maxi

Here at East Coast Mobility we love the Kymco mobility scooter range. Out of the Kymco range, the Maxi is a firm favourite! See below why we love it so much;

  1. It looks great – Click here for a 360 view of the Maxi
  2. Its reliable
  3. Kymco parts are delivered fast
  4. It is an affordable mobility scooter
  5. Its comfortable

The 8mph Maxi Mobility Scooter has the highest of standards when it comes to performance and comfort. Robust enough to tackle the most challenging of environments, your rest assured the Maxi can take you where you want to go in comfort and style.

Packed with all the superior features you would expect from a premium scooter at an excellent value. Complete with full suspension and luxurious captain seating to ensure you have the most comfortable journey possible, also included as standard is a delta handle bar for an extra safe and comfortable grip, storage basket for all your personal belongings, rear view mirrors and adjustable headrest.
Top of the range 8mph mobility scooter
Available in Red, Blue and Graphite
Tackles the most challenging environments
Full suspension and luxurious captain seating
Delta handle bars
Storage basket
Rear view mirrors
Adjustable headrest
Up to 30 mile range

Click here for full specifications

As the above shows, if you are in the market for a new 8mph scooter, the Kymco Maxi, could be your best yet!

For more infomation or to order a Kymco Mobility scooter call 01502 514500

Affordable Mobility Scooter Insurance – get covered cheaply!

If you don’t have mobility scooter insurance and have an accident with the scooter or it is stolen, it could be up to you to pay out. However, mobility scooter insurance is very affordable! Here at East Coast Mobility we have partnered with First Senior Insurance to provide excellent value for money mobility scooter insurance.

For just £69 per year you can be fully insured on your mobility scooter. First seniors triple star mobility scooter insurance can also cover powerchairs, is available on products up to £6000 purchase price.

What does mobility scooter insurance cover?

  • Accidental damage
  • Fire damage
  • Flood damage
  • loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft
  • Storm damage cover
  • 45 day world wide cover
  • Public liability up to £2 millian
  • temporary cover to loan equipment of similar value whilst your product is being repaired
  • ‘get you home’ expenses following an accident
  • New for old replacement if the damage exceeds 60% of the purchase price during the first 3 years assuming the product is new
  • no excess
  • no claims bonus scheme
  • carer contingent liability
  • Temporary hire costs cover
  • personal injury benefit up to £2000
  • Personal effects covered up to £250
  • Loss of key cover up to £50
  • Any driver

See Here for more details on First Senior mobility scooter insurance.

Is it compulsory to have insurance?

It is not compulsory to have insurance but we thoroughly recommend it as does the department of transport.

We are fully approved by all providers of mobility scooter insurance companies to carry out repairs, this can include everything from scratched bodywork to a full rebuild following an accident.

If you need mobility scooter insurance or have insurance and need help to make a claim simply call 01502 514500 to speak to the team.


As always we enjoyed ourselves at the John Grose Motability awareness day on Friday 19th June! We met with several existing customers and also some new ones who need scooters for their new Motability car, but have found that they cannot get both a car and a mobility scooter on the Motability scheme. Visit johngrose.co.uk for more information on having a car on the motability scheme.

We took 3 Kymco mobility scooters along, all in the attractive Mink colour to show the range of scooters available. We took the Kymco Maxxer, the Kymco Agility, and the Kymco K-lite. These three scooters are all extremely reliable and deliver great looks with both the Maxxer and Agility with LED lights, and a digital screen, and the K-lite is super light and comes in a great range of colours.

We stock the full range of Kymco scooters including the Kymco midi, Maxi and mini in both new, ex-demonstrator, and used. The Kymco range is super reliable with great looks and colours so if you are looking for a mobility scooter be sure to mention this range – we love them!

To enquire about how to have a scooter on finance when you have a car on Motability call 01502 514500.

Seen us in a newspaper? – Don’t miss out on new and used mobility scooter deals!

If you live in East Anglia, you are sure to have seen us in a newspaper at some point.

We regularly advertise in the Eastern Daily Press, The Ipswich Star, The Yarmouth Advertiser, The Waveney Advertiser and other papers  in the area. Most weeks we offer some fantastic deals on new and used mobility scooters. If you are looking for a bathroom conversion for your existing bathroom then grab a copy of the Yarmouth or Waveney advertiser for an exclusive offer.

Just don’t forget to quote the code on the advert to claim your money off or other deal.

Its also worth a mention that at the moment we have got over 100 used mobility scooters in stock, so we will definitely have something which suits your needs, we also offer excellent trade in rates for your existing scooter.

Simply call 01502 514500 to enquire about our range of used mobility scooters and power chairs.

Go to http://www.edp24.co.uk/ , http://www.lowestoftjournal.co.uk/ , http://www.waveneyadvertiser24.co.uk/ to find out more about the regular papers.


East Coast Mobility showcasing mobility equipment to help the less abled!

Here at East Coast Mobility we simply love getting out and about to help as many people as possible regain some freedom and enjoy life that little bit more.

We are regularly visit James Paget Hospital, Yarmouth Market, Lowestoft Town Centre and other local places. Sometimes we get wet, like in the picture at Yarmouth market, but we still have fun and help plenty of people!

We are also pleased to say that we support the local stroke groups and other support  groups locally, by giving informative talks about how you can make your life that little bit easier.

At all our outings you are bound to find us with a large range of mobility equipment, (mainly mobility scooters). We generally have car boot scooters, 8 mile per hour scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs, rollators and other useful bits and bobs.

Getting the right recliner chair – are you sitting right?

There are so many elements that go into obtaining a rise and recline chair.

The most important consideration is comfort but this is made up of several different things:

-Support, this is the main element in a recliner chair
-Size, this goes hand in hand with support
-Pressure relief, especially important if you suffer from ulcers or sores, this is ideally built into your reclining armchair
-Number of motors, this determines the adjustability of the recliner chair

Lets go into more detail about the above points:

Support – the back rest of the recliner chair should support your entire back and head and be tilted back slightly in the upright position to allow for natural posture. The armrests of the chair should support your arms without your shoulders lifting. When the armchair is fully reclined your leg support should be level with the seat of the chair and support your legs from your hip to your heel.

Size – In the right chair: • You should be able to sit with your bottom right at the back of the seat and your feet flat on the floor. • Your thighs should be level and your lower legs straight up and down. • You should be able to get two fingers between your knees and the front of the seat. • The seat should be wide enough to fit you, but not so wide that it doesn’t give you any sideways support. If it has arm rests, you should be able to sit between them with enough room to get your hand in on each side.

Pressure relief – If you spend a lot of time in your chair it is important to move from time to time. This will help keep joints mobile, maintain good circulation and prevent discomfort and the possibility of pressure sores. Getting the right size and support can help, and so can using the reclining action in the right way, but there are also some special features to help including specialist cushions, if you already use a specialist cushion in your wheelchair you can get a ‘drop in cushion’ option to fit your cushion.

Number of motors – Most recliners are operated by either one or two motors, though some have more. Basically the more motors the chair has the more flexible it is. One-motor chairs lift the leg rest and then recline the back so you can sit with your feet up and your back upright or reclined. Two-motor chairs are more flexible because you can move the leg rest up and down and the back rest backwards and forwards independently. For many people, a one-motor chair that has tilt in space will be good enough. In fact it may be more use than a two-motor chair that doesn’t have tilt in space.

All this said, you may find that a standard recliner chair suits you!

If you have any questions about recliner chairs or feel you need an assessment call 01502 514500 to speak to a seating expert.




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