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TGA Mobility Scooter helps disabled Ex-Army Corporal smash 1,000-mile world record

Andy McIntosh, 42 from Strathaven near Glasgow, is a disabled Army Corporal who has just achieved a new world record by driving a TGA Breeze mobility scooter from John O?Groats to Land?s End in the shortest time ever.

On 20th May 2015, Andy McIntosh achieved the “Fastest journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End on an Electric Mobility Vehicle (individual)” 1,000 miles in 16 days 8 hours. Pending final ratification by Guinness World Records, this epic achievement by Andy has beaten the current record, which stood at 24 days and 9 hours, by an incredible 8 days 1 hour.

Andy has achieved this new world record to raise donations for several military charities that have supported him including Poppy Scotland, SSAFA, ABF The Soldiers? Charity, Erskine and Soldiers off the Streets.

Andy said: “However successful this world record attempt has been, unfortunately donations to my chosen military charities have been low ” if you can, please donate on my Just Giving web page” search “Andy McIntosh Jogle“. I am already considering my next challenge which will be even more extreme” I hope to tackle the Sahara desert on a TGA mobility scooter with the support of fellow ex-Army veterans!”

Would love a TGA breeze? Call 01502 514500 for more information.

John Grose Motability Awareness Day

We are proud to be supporting the John Grose Motability Awareness day on Friday 19th  June 2015. Although many people benefit from having a car on the Motability scheme this means that they can struggle to have a scooter too. We can help in other ways such as affordable payments not linked to the Motability scheme. this means that you can have a car and still afford a scooter.

Find us at Whapload Road Lowestoft NR32 1NN on friday 19th June 2015 for an informative and helpful day about the Motability car scheme, or call 01502 514500 for how we can help you achieve the mobility that you need.

Shop shake up and Pride Apex Epic on display!

Here at East Coast Mobility we are easily bored by our surroundings as many customers know we regularly change our offices around, this time we decided to do it to the shop.

We now have a fully functioning electric adjustable bed, which you can try out – see which profile you find the comfiest… We also raised one of our favourite mobility scooters, the Pride Apex Epic, up on a stand so people can see it more easily. If you don’t know this is one of the most powerful scooters on the market, with a 36 volt system, steering wheel and a very clever throttle system, switchable from left handed to right handed operation with the flick of a simple switch this scooter is ideal if you suffer from limited use of one side.

We also tidied our chair collection up too, we generally have an excellent selection of recliner armchairs in stock and at the moment we have got a great stock of fireside chairs in a variety of fabrics and wood types.

Call us on 01502 514500 for more info on any of the products above!

The Virtues of using an electric adjustable bed

Struggling to sleep at night?
Suffer from swelling in your legs?
Circulatory problems?
Back problems?

An electric adjustable bed is one of the most vital bits of mobility equipment you can buy. Over the years we have had several customers with rise and recline chairs, who after enjoying the benefits of these during the day, still suffer at night. As humans we spend a large part of our lives in bed, this means that we need to care for our bodies as much as possible during that time.

Here at East Coast Mobility we have a large range of electric adjustable beds in all standard sizes, with various furnishings, available for speedy delivery.

Our electric adjustable beds are hand crafted in the UK and come with a choice of mattress types. Pocket sprung, memory extra and standard memory foam. If you would like to have more information about our electric beds or to book a home visit call 01502 514500 and speak to our bed expert!

Easy access disabled bathrooms

If you or someone you know really struggles to get into the bath or shower, there is an easier option! Over the past 10 years we have become experts in disabled bathroom fit-outs. Having designed and fitted everything from just a high level toilet to full fitted wet room showers, in everything from older houses to disabled access mobile homes, we really know our stuff.

Our in-house bathroom designer, is a local friendly chap always willing to share ideas!

If you are wondering what an easy access bathroom contains, just some of the below list could be an option!
-high level toilet
-low level basin
-wheelchair accessible shower
-walk in bath
-easy turn taps
-non slip flooring
-wash down walls
-bath lift

There is so much to include – confused? Call 01502 514500 for a friendly local business, fitting bathrooms in Lowestoft, Yarmouth, Kessingland, Pakefield, Gorleston, Belton, Southwold, Hopton and everywhere in between for the last 10 years!

Mobility scooter repairs in East Anglia.

We regularly visit customers all over East Anglia for mobility scooter repairs and servicing. If you need help with a power chair, mobility scooter or any other equipment, including a service, repair or simply feel you need something better simply call 01502 514500, we are always nearby!

Our daily areas include Lowestoft, Yarmouth, Gorleston, Southwold, Wrentham, Reydon, Beccles, Southwold , Kessingland, Pakefield, Caister, Bradwell and many others!.

Don’t forget we don’t charge for delivery and collection of mobility scooters and other mobility equipment within our normal service areas.

My scooter isn’t working!

My scooter isn’t working! What a common phone call, but don’t panic, this is often something very simple. See below a short list of common reasons for a scooter not driving.

1- The freewheel lever, this comes in several forms, it is generally under the rear shroud of the scooter, or in the case of some mobility scooters, a plunger on the top of the rear shroud. If this is knocked into the ‘out of gear’ position, it will cause a lack of drive and a constant flashing status light. If you can easily push the scooter it is a sure sign it is in freewheel, simply re-engage the lever and turn your mobility scooter off and on again and it should go!

2- Pulling the throttle too soon after turning the key on. This is another common  reason for a ‘non starter’. Turning the key with the throttle held on, or pressing the throttle of your mobility scooter straight after turning the key, makes the mobility scooters throttle-pot think it is out of balance, and therefore doesn’t let it start. On several scooters, this may give an error code of throttle pot fault. Simply turn the scooter off and on again, leaving around 3 seconds before trying to drive.

3- Less common but still a problem, is leaving the charger plugged into the scooter and trying to drive, simply unplug the charger from the mobility scooter and it should go!

4 – on car boot scooters a common issue is incorrect locating of the battery pack, this often happens if the battery pack is bounced out when the mobility scooter goes over rough ground. If possible slow down over this surface to minimise the risk, also check that the mobility scooters battery is correctly seated before driving.

All new folding canopy has arrived!

4 Simple steps,

1 – lift the bag off
2-fold the frame over
3 – open the sides out
4 – zip the sides up – now you are warm and dry!

East Coast Mobility is now taking orders for the all new ScooterPac folding canopy! If you haven’t heard about this incredible development it is a canopy which fits virtually all mobility scooters, including car transportables. The canopy takes minutes to fit to the scooter and simply folds out from behind the seat. If you have previously had a canopy and felt it was too like a greenhouse, this is quite the opposite, as it is like a convertable car, as soon as the sun comes out, just fold the canopy back using the simple patented mechanism and enjoy!

Call 01502 514500 to check it fits and pre-order yours today!

Visit scooterpac.com for more info.


Look at the line up!

If you are wanting to buy a new mobility scooter, we have exactly what you need! We have just brought in several new models, the Drive Medical King Cobra, the Kymco Agility, the first 4 x 4 scooter that we have ever had, and our favorite  Wild and Wacky scooters, the Occo 3 and the Tandem mobility scooters! All these scooters are available at fantastic prices, and are available to test drive most of the time.

Call us on 01502 514500 to book a demonstration  or a test drive.

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